Monday, July 11, 2011

short story

by soraya
The high-waisted shorts trend has been my favorite this year by far.  Thankfully, the look is still a hot commodity; I mean why shouldn't it be?  It flatters the tiniest part of our bodies and is sort of like an insta-hourglass figure. Denim works amazingly for casual looks; fabric shorts paired with a cute top can easily trick people into thinking you're wearing an adorable new romper; and patterned shorts jazz up any plain t-shirt.  However, with the many hits I've seen with the shorts, I've also seen plenty of misses.  There are some guidelines when it comes to working a pair.

- invest some money on a good pair; it's hard to find ones that will fit your figure well.  not all cuts fit every body type
- make sure that it's neither too baggy or tight at the crotch.  they will not do you any justice, i promise. no one wants camel toe or the appearance of junk.
- be brave and wear bright colored shorts;  it's a fun way to liven up an outfit.  people are used to seeing tops do all the talking.
- ask your mother if she happens to have any- seriously, i know it sounds weird. but she may just have a pair of old levi 501 cutoffs she's willing to give away.  they'll be perfectly worn in and naturally distressed

- mix patterns (unless you've mastered the art, that is). a busy top and a busy pair of shorts will give people a headache.  if you're wearing printed shorts, put on a solid colored top.
- tuck in baggy or boxy tops.  they'll make you look frumpy.  the important thing is to balance proportion.  if you're wearing loose fabric shorts, go for a form fitting shirt.  if your pants are on the tighter side, you can wear a crop top for that beachy/bohemian vibe- also a great idea for music festivals.
- wear a belt with denim high-waisted shorts unless they are a perfect fit.  the belt will bunch up all the material in the back and probably slide above your shorts. 
- buy a pair that have a barely-there inseam.  please don't give high-waisted shorts a bad name. the smaller they are, the more likely it is they'll ride up where you don't want them to. 

See the original set of shorts above along with their brands, prices, & where to buy them at Our personal favorite places to buy a denim pair are Madewell & Levi's. Nordstrom's BP section also has some great fabric selections.

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